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Profile 2000 Advantages & Benefits




Handset Design 1. Instant Recognition
2. No need for additional signage
1. Increase Revenue and/or Usage
2. Reduces overall installation costs
Colored Handset Side Panels 1. Coordinate or contrast with location decor
2. Reflective decal for night visibiIity
1. Gives the customer pride of installation which may reduce vandaIism
2. Ability to locate phone increases nighttime usage
Interior Lighting 1. Increase night usage
2. Illuminates front signage
1. User feels safer & can see the key pad
2. Identifies phone ownership
Litter-Free Writing Shelf 1. 1 Degree slope minimizes trash
2. Integral part of the enclosure
1. Reduces booth maintenance
2. Increases lateral strength of the booth
Tempered Glass Signage 1. Doesn't scratch, discolar, fade or warp
2. Resists graffiti
1. Maintains appearance and is easier to clean
2. Reduces infield refurbishing and cleaning
Enclosure Mounting 1.Mounts to any Universal pedestal 2. Uses "Headless Studs"
1. Eliminates installation cost of new pedestal
2. Eliminates enclosure disassembly for installation
Polyethylene 1. No rust, cracking, fading or chipping
2. Resists vandalism, graffiti and dents
1. Maintains appearance with minimal care
2. Minimizes refurbishing and stays in the field longer
Meets ANSI, UL
Approved for outdoor installations Eliminates potential code violations
Directory Mounting Plate Allows for swing-up or Lanyard Directory Accepts almost all Directory Binders
Custom Graphics You can "Brand" your enclosure User can identify your phone installation before getting out of their car.
Moving Displays 1. Attracts attention
2. Gives instructions
1. Increase impulse users
2. Reduce frustrations with a new "Select" paystations
Four-way Signage Identifies phone location Increases usage
Light Weight One person installation Reduced labor costs and/or loss due to back injury
Low Voltage Lighting Available 24 Volt lighting can be installed by telco personnel 1. Eliminates expense of electrical contractors
2. Reduces energy usage

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